August 30, 2020 Service

Welcome to our Virtual Service.  We continue to revise this site in response to feedback we’ve received that help you get the most out of each week’s service.

If you use the Firefox Browser, you can make the video ‘float’ over the bulletin to make the service work best for you. (we’re still looking for options that work on Chrome and Edge browsers). If you’re on Firefox, here’s how to do this:

  1. Click to start playing the Video – and then immediately pause it.
  2. X the pop-up of other videos.
  3. Click on the BLUE image that appears on the right side of the video.  Hovering on this you will see that is says “Picture-in-Picture”
  4. Clicking on that blue image makes the video ‘float’ over your webscreen.
  5. Click here to Download the PDF Bulletin.  It will open in a new tab.
  6. You can hover your mouse over the corner of the video and see the mouse become an arrow to let you change the size of the video.
  7. Click and grab the video to drag it anywhere on your screen you would like.

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Join us on Zoom Sundays at 11:00am

Join us every Sunday morning for a virtual Fellowship/Coffee Hour at 11:00am.  After virtual worship, sign into a virtual Coffee Hour by clicking on this link. If prompted Meeting ID: 988 8813 8373, Password: 73500

Music, liturgy, and hymns are reprinted and broadcasted with permission under subscription from One License (# 733970-A) and Sunday & Seasons (#SBT003734). All rights reserved.