When we are able to worship in-person, we gather at 5:00pm Saturday night and 8:15am and 11:00am Sunday mornings September through May.  Memorial Day through Labor day, we have a 5:00pm Saturday night and one 9:30am Sunday service.

We use the Evangelical Lutheran Worship book.


as well as With One Voice.

What can you expect when you join us for worship?

When you arrive an usher will give you a worship booklet to help you follow along.

All people of any age are invited to receive Holy Communion, and those who choose not to commune are invited to come forward for a blessing. After you receive the host (bread), you may either drink from the first chalice or intinct (dip) the host into the second chalice.

Folks may come up and introduce themselves.  No one will ask you to stand up and introduce yourself to the congregation.  The ushers invite us row by row to kneel at the altar to receive the bread of life, the body and blood of Christ.  You can drink from the first chalice of wine or dip your bread into the second chalice.  If you want to come to the rail but do not want to receive communion, simply cross your arms across your chest and you will receive a blessing.

Children are welcome at our worship service.

Please join us after worship for fellowship.